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   I was raised on a family farm in Southwestern Ontario.  As loyal Supertest customers we
were loaned a Canada Vulcanizer and Equipment visible pump by our Supertest Farm Agent.
Around 1960 that hand operated pump was removed and we were given a small electric 'Gas-
boy ' pump.  I still have this pump, freshly painted Supertest Orange with a brand new decal.
    I still run into our Supertest Farm Agent and have all but picked his attic clean.  My sister
worked for Supertest Head Office in London in their later years and somehow I acquired her
job application form;  I suppose she must have made an extra copy.  And I remember cheering
for Miss Supertest,  the company owned hydroplane as she raced on the Detroit River. 
   Is it any wonder I feel a close relationship to this company? Today, February 20, 2001 as I
launch this site, I hope that it will bring back memories to all who visit.  I hope too that these
same visitors will take the time to share their  memories with me, and I will pass them on. 
I have a small collection of Supertest memorabilia, and an unexplainable urge to research and
document the company's history.  Starting today, and hopefully each month I will add a new
aspect of Supertest history, called a "MONTHLY FEATURE".  Please join in! 
  I invite you to bookmark this site and stop back often.  I plan to share my collection and
research with you, but that would make a pretty small website.  Instead, I have invited several
other Supertest collectors, past employees, and enthusiasts to help me out and share their
knowledge and photos. 
  I will gladly give credit to all contributors.

Will you help?
Together, we can make The Supertest Website the envy of all petroliana sites.
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Credits and Acknowledgements
I wish to thank the Thompson family, Ron Sharp, Alan McKinney, Stan Uher, Peter Ledwith, John Wilson,
Don Anderson, Bill Blair,  F.A.Vita, Steve Manley, David Evans, Harry Littleton, Ken Lawrence, The University
of Western Ontario Library, The London Free Press, Cameron Bevers, Bob Walker, Don Rodgers, Ray Holmes
and Ed Hoysa .
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